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I told myself I wouldn't sleep

'til I'd searched the world from sea to sea.

Chris Barker // Bolt
4 July
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Bolt (c) Disney
Zac Efron belongs to himself.
I do not claim to be Efron or be connected with him or the company mentioned above.
This journal is for fun, not profit.

Chris has two main verses: disney_high (a high school au) and waffle!verse, which loosely follows movie canon with whatshedidwrong and hes_beawesome
being a superhero, carrots, delivering dramatic comebacks, dogs, felicity essman, fighting evil, finding dad, having superpowers, interrogating suspects, martial arts, not cats, not styrofoam, penny barker, photographs, playing catch, protecting mankind, protecting penny, ryan walton, saving the day, stopping crime, thwarting dr. calico, waffle world